CIDESCO International

Founded in 1946 in Brussels with its Head Office in Zurich, Switzerland, Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie – CIDESCO is the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy.

A not-for-profit organisation, CIDESCO International is represented throughout the world by 'Sections' in each country. The Sections uphold the values and aims of CIDESCO International in their respective countries.

Membership of each country's section is open to the leading schools, colleges, beauty centres of the world and students looking to achieve a superior level of training with the CIDESCO Diploma qualification which is recognised worldwide.

CIDESCO Australia

CIDESCO Australia is the representative section of CIDESCO International in Australia. We are a not-for-profit organisation representing students, graduates, employees and employers in the beauty, makeup & spa industries across Australia. CIDESCO Australia represents the interests of its members who are beauty, makeup & spa therapists, salon & clinic owners, industry partners and CIDESCO Accredited Schools who are committed to upholding high standards of professionalism in our industry. In representing the beauty, makeup, spa & aesthetics industry - CIDESCO Australia also acts in an advisory capacity to Government bodies in relation to industry regulation, training package development and employment initiatives.

Our main aims are to:

  • Establish and uphold the highest standards of Beauty and Spa therapy throughout Australia in our CIDESCO accredited training schools here.
  • Promote Aesthetics on an international and National basis.
  • Promote the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information through regular marketing activities, networking events and at our annual international Congress.
  • Create recognised training centres that lead to the CIDESCO Examination and CIDESCO Diploma.

Beauty Centres

Membership is open to Beauty Centres owned by holders of the International CIDESCO Diploma which provide clients with the best possible service and conform to certain conditions. Beauty Centre members receive a metal plaque to advertise that they are ‘Beauty Centres Recommended by CIDESCO’.

CIDESCO Accredited Beauty Schools

Australian Beauty Colleges and Schools who provide a high standard of beauty education are welcome to apply to become an Accredited CIDESCO School and offer CIDESCO internationally accredited qualifications. The CIDESCO qualification is highly regarded and respected world-wide because CIDESCO Accredited Schools must first pass a rigorous quality assurance assessment prior to approval and once approved all students are assessed with theory and practical exams conducted independently by international examiners each year. This ensures that students are receiving a high quality education benchmarked to a global standard that is independently verified by an external examiner. In order to become a CIDESCO International School, applicants must first become a member of CIDESCO Australia who will conduct the school inspection and quality assurance review before making a recommendation to CIDESCO International. One year after an applicant school has received probationary approval, CIDESCO International will conduct an independant assessment of their students skills & knowledge to verify the high standard of educational delivery before admitting the school as a CIDESCO International School. There are currently only 5 beauty schools in Australia who have met this high standard of quality educational delivery.